Video for What’s New, Now, and Next.

10glo brings you what’s new, now, and next in performing arts content. Hear a new musical, discover a great show, see the next generation of performers for Broadway and beyond. Be the one to tell your friends you saw it here first, all while promoting the artists who create it all.

Build your profile. Share your talent. Get discovered.

At 10glo there are no doors, no gatekeepers, and no auditions. Never before has there been one place where everyone has a chance to be seen, be heard, and get discovered.

Post videos of new work, a song, choreography, and anything else in between.

There’s no paywall so producers, casting directors, and other theater professionals from around the world will be able to find and watch your material, and contact you directly if they are interested in what you’re working on.

This is your space – so what are you waiting for? Create a profile, post your work, and share it with the world.

Here’s the not so fine print.

What does the name 10glo mean? Where did it come from?
At some point early on, as we were bouncing ideas around for what a streaming platform for theater artists might look like, we envisioned that folks might want to upload videos of about 10 minutes in length. So we got the number 10 stuck in our heads. But then the concept for 10glo grew to be a place where artists could upload videos of all lengths to share what they were creating. 

10glo is a community of artists, yanked free from the grip of gatekeepers, where anyone, at any time of day, from anywhere in the world, can upload and share their work. 

What does 10glo mean to you?

We believe in Zebras.
10glo is being formed as a business that both wants to improve society and be profitable. In a pivotal 2017 essay, Zebras Fix What Unicorns Break, Jennifer Brandel, Mara Zepeda, Astrid Scholz and Aniyia Williams coined the term Zebra to describe companies that were created to be a force for positive change and that would generate self sustaining revenue. The two, they argued, were not mutually exclusive. 

Zebra companies also stand in stark contrast to the companies that aim to be unicorns, whose sole purpose is to crush competitors, become dominant in their market and, above all else, create bottomless riches for their founders so they can continue to crush and dominate. From Facebook, to Uber to WeWork, the unicorn gobbles up all of the money in site, grows aggressively at all costs and leaves behind a trail of destruction. 

At 10glo, we aim to build. We are creating a platform where artists can be in charge of their own destinies, without seeking the approval from a traditional gatekeeper. We also provide tools for artists to monetize their work so that their art can be a source for their own financial wellbeing. Simultaneously, we hope to make enough money to pay ourselves for an honest day’s work, provide for our own families, and to keep 10glo running for years to come. 

What we see is a pasture of zebras, grazing happily on their zebra grass. 

Does content need to be exclusive to 10glo?
Nope. Content posted on 10glo can be posted elsewhere on the web.

Can I share 10glo videos on social media or my website?
Yes. 10glo works like any other video platform and videos can be posted on social media or embedded into your website.

In fact, we encourage you to spread the word on your social channels with #10glo or tag us @10glotv. And the more you share, the more attention your post will get from us – our home page, social channels, e-blast, and podcast highlight trending content and update weekly with some of our favorite new videos.

Want to know even more about 10glo and what we stand for? Here are some more resources:

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