Come From Away

Celebrating International Women’s Day with Our Favorite “Women Power Theater Moments!”

By Samara Finkle


In honor of International Women’s Day, we here at 10glo put together some “Woman Power Theater Moments!” that we are obsessed with…

Beautiful; The Carole King Musical

Specifically, at the end of Act 1, where Carole sings “One Fine Day,” and she sings, “You’re gonna want me for your girl”.. BLACKOUT!

Abby Mueller (c) Joan Marcus


The moment at the end of the show when Jenna says to Earl, “I want you the hell out of my life,” and everyone applauds!

Jessie Mueller (c) Jeremy Daniel


The moment where Beth has the superhero cape on and whips it!

Jackie Burns (c) Joan Marcus


Back to Before… enough said.

Marin Mazzie (c) Catherine Ashmore

Come From Away

The lyric “1986 the first female American captain in history.”

Jenn Colella (c) Matthew Murphy


Particularly when Patti LuPone sings the lyric “I’m not some second rate Queen getting kicks with a crown” in “Rainbow High.”

Patti Lupone in Evita

The Color Purple

The entire song “I’m Here” counts as a single moment.

Cynthia Erivo (c) Matthew Murphy

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