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10glo’s Privacy Policy (not written by bots or lawyers)

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Like most startups, when it came time to write our privacy policy we did what most startups do, we copy and pasted. At this point, I’m not even sure where our current old privacy language came from, or what’s really in there.

Our mission at 10glo is to provide value to theater artists. And once we think we’ve succeeded at creating value for artists, we realize there’s still so much more we can do. In short, we’re never going to stop trying to find new ways of helping artists get discovered, breaking down barriers or smashing old out-moded systems.

When creating a site as complicated as ours we literally have a list, pages long by now, of all of the features we want to add. And, usually, we can only get to one or two a week. Meanwhile, we keep thinking up new features we want to add to the site.

It’s an endless list of features that can’t be built fast enough. So, naturally, things like privacy policies fall to the wayside as we focus on user-facing features.

However, from time to time, someone does ask us to explain what’s in the policy. We usually demur and just say that we grabbed it from elsewhere and that we’re still working on it. But that doesn’t change the fact that people really care about, and want to know how we think of digital privacy and how we plan on using or, rather, not using, our users’ data.

The privacy policy then is a user facing feature. And, more so for 10glo, because we care deeply about privacy and digital tracking. And so, we feel like it’s time we publicly shared our vision for privacy.

A quick word. This wasn’t crafted by a lawyer. It probably should have been but, frankly, we can’t even afford those right now. So I’m just going to spitball about a bunch of privacy ideas. Is there something I missed? Please let me know. This is an evolving doc and we’ll keep updating as we need to.

broadway.com tracking

Your Data
We keep and maintain as little about you as possible. We know your email address because we use that to store your username, and to communicate with you.

We also host any files you upload to our site, including your videos, photos and any text in your profile.

That’s it. We don’t collect your IP, your unique device identifier, or any location data whatsoever. We also don’t try to fingerprint you because that’s beyond creepy and, frankly, it’s a practice that governments should step in to outlaw.

You remain the full owner of any and all content you post to 10glo. Full stop. Don’t want us to host it on 10glo anymore – just delete it. Our servers remove all deleted files and we’ll never have access to them ever again.

Ad Tracking, Profiling, Spyware
Bandwidth for video is expensive. So we do need to find a way to monetize the site and pay the folks that are helping us create this experience for you.

Our goal at 10glo is to sell classy ads that contain zero spy trackers. We hate seeing ads that track us around the internet, showing us ads for shoes or pants that we clicked on last week. Or, even creepier, ads that appear to know what we say in the privacy of our own homes.

The ads that you see on other platforms are based on profiling you around the web. Or, matching the data in a cookie to a profile that’s purchased from a third-party data broker.

That’s fucked up.

So, how do we plan to sell privacy-focused ads? Our thinking is simple. We believe if we create a community of theater creators and lovers that we can sell ads directly to businesses that we know and trust. And, because we control the platform, we can ensure that any images or text in the ads are free of tracking.

Think of these ads like print ads, but on your screen.

It is possible that we won’t be able to succeed in selling ads directly. It requires a dedicated staff and a lot of hand holding. The reason so many other sites turn to ad networks is because they’re easy, fast and cheap. Just install a few trackers and let the money flow in.

We’re going to try to make our business model of selling classy ads a workable, long-term business model. But, if we can’t, we’ll report that here, and explain why.

And, if you’d like to support us by purchasing a classy ad on our site, you can reach us here.

playbill.com tracking

Tracking You
We don’t. Occasionally we may need to place a cookie we control onto the site for the purpose of a user facing feature.

For instance, a few weeks ago we wanted to share some news to our users, so we made a pop-up that was displayed the first time a user came to our site.

To prevent people from seeing this pop-up multiple times a day, we created a cookie so that we only showed the pop-up the first time someone came to our site.

At the time of this writing, we have zero cookies on the site. Don’t believe us? Just use any cookie tracking app, or Safari 14. See? None!

Our goal at 10glo is to promote the artists who post content on our site. So, by posting to 10glo, you are giving us the ability to use your content to promote your work and our site.

You may see us tweet about your video, or use a still from your video or profile for an Instagram feed.

Third Party Integrations
We have tried, when possible, to use third party services that believe in digital privacy as much as we do. For instance, our analytics platform, Fathom, is a privacy-first focused company. They share with us just as much data that we need to understand how many people are coming to 10glo, and where they are coming from. But Fathom never collects, nor do they send us, any personally identifiable information about you, like your IP address, unique device identifier or GPS data.

Want to use Fathom on your own site? You can check them out here. When you click this link we earn a referral credit from Fathom which helps support us, and you’ll save $10 on your first Fathom invoice.

There are times when a third party does not meet these standards. For instance, we do use MailChimp as our main newsletter provider. MailChimp does collect data that we would prefer they didn’t and, for that reason, we are absolutely open to switching to a newsletter provider that doesn’t collect all of this data. It’s just a time-consuming process, and we probably won’t get around to this until we have a little more bandwidth.

That said, we never take the data that MailChimp collects and merge it with ours. So, once we leave MailChimp, that data will leave us forever.

We created this site to help theater artists, not to get into the business of censorship or deciding what should, and shouldn’t be, theater. That said, it’s clear from the last two election cycles in the United States that social networks have a responsibility to make sure they aren’t creating a home for abusive, threatening, misleading, or dangerous content.

So, if we do detect anything nefarious on our site we will act swiftly. Please know that we are a small team, and we don’t have fancy algorithms or a team of moderators to automatically alert us about dangerous content. But we will be vigilant in our efforts to monitor, detect and remove any unwanted content.

And of course, if you see anything that needs us to review, please let us know here.

That’s it. See something we missed? Or want more clarity about something? Please let us know. Our aim is that our privacy document be a living, breathing, transparent document with you, our users.

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