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Announcing: Get Out the Vote with 10glo

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Quick: when you think of musical theater what immediately comes to mind? Tap dancing? Power ballads, 11-o’clock numbers and Act 1 finales?

We think of all of those things too. We built 10glo because we can’t get enough of that.

But there’s something else we’d like our 10glo community to think about this fall when they think of musical theater, and that’s voting.

We believe that musical theater, and musical theater artists, have the power, and the responsibility, to move our greater communities to register to vote, request mail-in ballots, and, most importantly, to make our voices heard by voting.

Because, when you think about it, musical theater is about making voices heard loudly, just like in a democracy. 

Many of your favorite 10glo artists will be rolling out videos over the next few weeks, including Collard & Rosenblatt, Divya, David Mayers, and many more. These videos will be a mix of humorous and poignant, but they will all share one common goal: to turn out the vote.

Here’s how you can help us, and your community, turn out the vote this year, and amplify the power of these videos:

  1. Share! If you see a video you like, please share it on your social channels. We’ve included some helpful resources below to include when you share.
  2. Upload! All of our users are encouraged to upload their own get out the vote message to 10glo. These can be songs or just messages of encouragement to others to register and vote.

We can’t wait to see what everyone does as we collectively harness the power of musical theater to get out the vote.

Divya sings to Get Out and Vote

Divya sings to Get Out and Vote

Additional Voting Resources:

10glo is the home of new musicals. Have a new musical you’d like to share with the world? Sign up here.

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