We’re still in previews.

Thanks for being one of the first users on 10glo.com. There’s still a lot of work to be done before we’re ready to release to the public, so we appreciate your patience while we continue to improve the user experience.

All known bugs, recent updates, and new features to the site are listed below on this page. If you come across an issue that isn’t listed or something you think 10glo is missing, drop us a note at hello@10glo.com.

Known Bugs

  • Like counter does not live update.
  • Users are not able to subscribe to other users.

Recent Updates + New Features

29 December, 2020
Calling all Twitter users! 10glo videos now play directly in your tweet – making it easier for more people to view your video.
22 December, 2020
We’re rocking a new look just in time for 2021 😎.
  • This update introduces an improved header and footer making it easier to navigate all the 10glo bells and whistles.
1 December, 2020
Today’s updates iron out some small bugs with 10glo.
  • Forgot your password? No sweat. Click the link under “Sign In” to reach out to Team 10glo.
  • Resolved an error where files with a space in the name would generate a broken video.
11 November, 2020
Today’s update brings 10glo anywhere 🎉 (anywhere on the internet, that is).
  • Users and viewers can now embed 10glo videos.
6 October, 2020
Today’s update improves user and viewer experience by adding hashtags to the site!
  • Users can now add hashtags to their videos upon upload. If you have a current video you’d like to add hashtags to, you may do so in the “Edit Video” panel.
  • Viewers can now click on a specific hashtag to find all tagged videos.
  • There is a limit of five hashtags per video.
9 September, 2020
Today’s update makes finding new videos a whole lot easier 🤩!
  • We’ve introduced sorting so viewers can sort different categories by Most Viewed, Top Rated, and Most Recent.
2 September, 2020
Today’s updates continue to refine the site for a better user experience.
  • Videos will now autoplay when a user clicks on a video from the homepage (desktop only).
  • Solved an issue where videos in a playlist were disappearing.
28 August, 2020
Today’s update makes it easier to find more videos on desktop and mobile.
  • The Trending page now includes a “Load More” button which can load more videos in your preferred category.
  • A revamped Trending page on mobile allows viewers to endlessly scroll through videos.
14 August, 2020
Today’s update makes additional improvements to the user upload and profile experience.
  • The description section for videos and profile bio can now be edited with a rich text editor. This includes the ability to bold, italicize, and link text in addition to other features. You may use this feature on pre-existing text by editing your video description and/or bio.
11 August, 2020
Due to popular demand, today’s update makes large improvements to the profile experience.
  • Users can now reposition profile and cover photos on desktop and mobile directly on 10glo.
  • The hamburger menu is now active.
30 July, 2020
We want to make sure you look your best. Today’s updates help with that.
  • Preview images for videos shared on social media are now higher resolution. If you uploaded a video prior to July 30, 2020 and your image is appearing blurry, we recommend re-uploading your video.
  • Placement of cover photos on users’ profiles can now be adjusted.
28 July, 2020
10glo is founded on the principle that all voices should be heard.
  • Artists now have the ability to opt-in to be featured on our BIPOC Voices tab on the homepage. Click here to read more about our commitment to BIPOC voices.
27 July, 2020
When it rains it pours. Here’s what’s new today.
  • You can now add a description to your video during the upload process. Hopefully, that will save you a few clicks.
  • You can now include html links in your descriptions. You’ll have to use some code for now (a rich text editor will come later) but there are some hints on the edit page if you want to give it a shot.
  • If you’re not happy with the current preview image that our system auto-generates, you can now upload a custom preview image after you’ve uploaded a video in the Edit menu on the video’s page.
26 July, 2020
We have lots of exciting and useful updates today.
  • Drumroll please, introducing an Edit Playlists function. Now you can rename a playlist and add or remove videos from a playlist. Please let us know what you think. You can find the Edit Playlist function in the three dot menu next to the playlist name in your Playlists tab.
  • We pushed out some changes on the backend that will improve the sharing experience. For this reason, we are encouraging any user who uploaded videos on July 22 to July 23rd to delete and re-upload their videos. This will dramatically improve the quality of the preview image the site generates when sharing your videos to social.
  • Please check the URLs in your About tab. If they are not working (eg. they are sending you to a blank 10glo page rather than the intended site) please re-enter your URLs so that they begin with “http://” or “https://”

Planned Improvements

  • Improved search function and results.
  • Improved features for playlists.
  • Improved mobile experience.
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